To the families and friends of SEFC:

Next year, we plan to launch a construction project to expand our building and remodel much of our existing church footprint. This project will be a significant investment in our building and in the future of SEFC. This fall we are launching a generosity campaign to raise $720,000 specifically dedicated for this planned building project.

If God has set it on your heart, you can support this effort by making a one time donation or by filling out a card pledging to give a special gift over the course of the next 3 years.

Campaign Book

Building Plan Update

Known needs …

Our Building Committee has been meeting and working for more than a year. They have spent significant time talking with the pastors, staff, elders, ministry leaders, and members of the congregation. The resulting Phase I building proposal is intended to address several internally identified needs, including (but not limited to)

The number of infants and children at SEFC is rapidly increasing. We need more space for both our children’s ministries and student ministries.


Security in our building must be improved, especially in the areas where the children meet.


The sanctuary requires several updates and deferred maintenance items.


The church needs wider hallways and more fellowship space to gather as a body.


We could use more adult Sunday School spaces.


We must add accessible ADA compliant bathrooms to the building.


Stairway access to the lower level should be more visible and more centralized.


Internal signage could be improved.


We desire to have a lobby that is a testament to the quality of people and teaching at SEFC.

Thoughtfully and prayerfully, prepare …

We truly hope every single SEFC household will participate in our generosity campaign. Some gifts will be large, and some gifts will be comparatively small. Every contributed gift, regardless of size, is important! As you think about your response, we suggest you do the following:

1.   If you are married, approach this as a couple. Talk and pray about your response together.


2.   Consider your financial resources, assets, and your discretionary spending.

3.   Pray that God will give you wisdom and discernment in knowing how to respond.

4.   Determine if God is calling your household to a season of “sacrificial” giving. (Our generosity campaign is a three-year commitment.)

5.   Once you have defined your financial commitment, complete the provided pledge card and drop it off at church or send it in the mail.

Pledge Card

Give a One-Time Gift