The Essence of Two Paths

March 18, 2018

Larry Forsberg

A Feast To Remember

March 11, 2018

Micah Anderson

A Watchful Eye

March 4, 2018

Nick Hardt

A Lamb for You

February 25, 2018

Nick Hardt

One More Plague to Punctuate

February 18, 2018

Nick Hardt

The Deadly Danger of "Almost"

February 11, 2018

Nick Hardt

Through Trust or Torment

February 4, 2018

Nick Hardt

Strength of God & Stench of Egypt

January 28, 2018

Nick Hardt


A journey through the book of Exodus.

A study of scripture through men of the reformation.

A series on the book of Genesis

What is it that gives us real joy? Join us each week as we see what scripture has to say about our joy.

Hear from guest pastors on various topics.

The message of Christmas through Old Testament Stories.


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