Disciples Who Mature Together

May 19, 2019

Nick Hardt

Disciples Who Magnify The Lord

May 12, 2019

Nick Hardt

Sacred, Sanctified & Holy

May 5, 2019

Larry Forsberg

What To Do While We Wait

Apr 28, 2019

Nick Hardt

A Curse, A Cry, A Curtain & A Confession

Apr 21, 2019

Nick Hardt

Figs, Sandwiches, Tables & True Religion

Apr 14, 2019

Nick Hardt


The mission of the curch is to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Join us as we explore what that mission looks like at SEFC

Walking With the Story Telling God

Join us each Sunday this fall as we explore the parables of Jesus. 

A journey through the book of Exodus.

A series on the book of Genesis

A study of scripture through men of the reformation.

What is it that gives us real joy? Join us each week as we see what scripture has to say about our joy.

The message of Christmas through Old Testament Stories.

Hear from guest pastors on various topics.


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Sunday School Baptism Debate

April 7, 2019