Devotional Message


One of the things we have been emphasizing as a church recently is that giving tithes and offering is an act of worship. While we cannot "pass the plate" in the traditional sense, we still encourage you to give as an act of worship and trust in our Sovereign God. 

Click here to learn more about online giving or simply click "Give Online" to sign up for online giving. 

Discussion Questions

  • Describe a time when the Lord was telling you to go somewhere? 
  • Share a time when the Lord asked you to do something (or not do something) that did not make sense to you at the time?  
  • Is the Lord calling you to GO or DO something right now?  
  • What perplexes you about your life today? 


Kids: (with some parental guidance) 

What does the word perplexity mean? What is an example of something that has perplexed you lately? 

As you listen to the message today count how many times Pastor Nick says the world “perplex” (in any of its forms). Send your answers to for a prize.


Additional Resources

My favorite article of the week! Great thoughts for the church in these “perplexing times” 


Anxiety and Fear Amid COVID - 


This is some great advice on how we should be careful on what we are reading and watching these days: 


Here is a way to serve the community through gifts or service. Our church as already donated grocery gift cards!

Read C.S. Lewis “on living in an atomic age” and replace the references to bombs with coronavirus. What guidance does Lewis give the believer?

Read this short post from John Piper “Don’t waste your cancer” and substitute coronavirus for cancer. What guidance does this give us?


Lessons from Church History: 

Short article: 

Long (but excellent) podcast:


A little historical perspective. We had 3 major pandemics in the 20th century that will probably have a higher death toll than COVID will (2 of which happened in the last 80 years and you probably never heard of them).