I'm New

Will I Feel Welcome?

SEFC is made up of a diverse group of individuals and families. We come from all kinds of religious, ethnic, and social backgrounds. We are made up of single adults, young married's, many families with young children, junior and senior high youth, and active senior citizens. What is common to us it that we have experienced God's grace and mercy, and we desire to share the joy of that with one another and with our community. We delight in visitors and will try our best to make you feel most welcome.

As You Arrive

Check the events page for start times (we change hours in the summer). Someone will greet you at the door to show you where things are. We also have ushers that will direct you to a seat and give you a bulletin. We have a nursery available for babies and toddlers.

Dress casually or in more traditional Sunday attire.

What to Expect at the Worship Service

Our worship team leads us in singing a blend of contemporary music and traditional hymns and gospel songs. The band uses a variety of instruments including piano, guitars, keyboard, drums, wind instruments and bass. Special segments in the worship service include special music, missions highlights, and a snapshot of current church activities. The offering is a time for our regular attenders to give back to God. As a visitor, do not at all feel obligated to give. Hearing from God's Word, the Bible, is central to our congregational worship. The final 30-35 minutes of our service are given to considering God's truth and how it applies to our lives. 

Before the Service

During the school year, we offer Sunday School classes for all ages.  Arrive at 9:00 a.m. for Sunday School and enjoy a hot cup of coffee.  Sunday School ends at 9:45 a.m. and allows time for fellowship before our Worship Service begins at 10:15 a.m. There are usually two adult classes to choose from that include Bible studies, relevent topics, and equipping us to be used by God. We invite you to come and join with us in worshipping our great God.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

You can email or call the church @ (651) 439-0433.